Got another HD+ Oh my !


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Mar 7, 2011
How could I pass up another HD+ for fifty bucks including a nice case. I couldn't and didn't.
Here's what I learned:
The root and installation process is now so efficient that it really can all be done in a little over an hour.
I'm now running CM 11 M12 snapshot (Ovation). Flawless install, flawless performance (considering)
Here's the user friendly, step by step, way to do it:

Except for refusing to boot using the first SD card, everything went well (using the second SD card)
I loaded two SD cards from the start because experience tells me that sometimes, and especially, with the HD+ there can be issues with the initial boot from SD, so, make two, erase one after.

Thanks to Verygreen and Leapinlar (and others) for their fantastic work in this effort.