Got my gf a galaxy tab 10.1


Dec 3, 2010
Walked into best buy cause she's finally realized she hasn't done anything with her velocity micro cruz because it sucks.

We accidently got into the path of one of the best buy apple sellers, and he was selling it like we were buying his dinner. It was funny, too because he kept pointing out ios 5 and all of its new features. I just sat there telling my gf (and we can do that already, that, too, that too). I said the Ipads a great device, just not for me. One thing I can't give up is widgets. He looked at me with a blank look on his face "what's a widget?". I shook my head, but he almost had my gf at a 50/50 point, so I took her to the Xoom and the Tab 10.1, and she fell in love with the Tab. She was playing with it as I was explaining the difference between honeycomb (android 3.1 on the Tab) and her phone (Droid2Global, Android 2.2.1).

Now that she has it she's loving it, playing with it. She can't imagine having the Ipad2.

Lol and he was like "once you buy it you can have it on up to 5 of your devices." I had to keep myself from laughing in his face, a lot of our apps (same ones!) Are free, and when we buy it once, its an infinite number of devices, with the same google account!
(Right now my OG droid, Droid2global, Archos 70 IT 250 GB, and my Ultimate Droided Nook Color.

Long story short, she loves it! Still unsure about the battery life, the proprietary cord is bleh, and the lack of an expandable sd card slot kinda sucks, but for what she uses it she's doing great.

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Jun 29, 2011
Evidently the guy wasn't very familiar with ios5. It does indeed have a weather widget.
When that was the only thing I could hope for in widgets and customizations for my ipad I gave up on ios and started counting down the days until the 10.1 arrived at my local Best Buy.
Had I not been so spoiled by my Incredible I might, keyword might, have joined the wow crowd over ios5 after reading the 200 changes coming. If someone is hungry enough even a dog turd will suffice for a snack but I've been spoiled by almost a year of froyo and my ipad, though very very nice, just didn't fill the craving I hoped to fill by buying a tablet. For those who know only ios the next version is a feast.
Side by side they are both very nice and about equal in performance but ios is on the mountain peak and honeycomb has just begun to climb the mountain. I had no idea that Tab screen was going to be so much more clear, crisp and sharp than my ipad but until a side by side I truly thought the ipad screen was "all that"
I'm not finding any problems finding apps for the Tab that I used either the same our equivalent on my Inc and ipad.
The rumors about honeycomb being so crash prone and force close being basically embedded on the screen are a vast exaggeration. My ipad crashed an average of twice a day with no particular reason our patten whereas the only force close I get on the tab is when trying to access gmail from the pop up tab on the bottom right, no biggie. I had the Tab freeze up and give the bsod last night but holding the power button for a soft reset seems to have cured that. I don't know for sure but I think the app Heywire is behind the freeze.
anyway either choice is a good one but for different reasons.
If you want Jobs version of a feast , ios is a winner. If you like a feast that you get to choose the menu, honeycomb is the choice.

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Jul 1, 2011
Yeah, I've had the Galaxy tab for about two months myself and love it. Regarding battery life, I'd have to agree though that it's the one complaint I have..


Jul 5, 2011
Ha I'm not alone with the Best Buy treatment!!

I went in this weekend with the intent of picking up a new Android device. I already own an iPad that my wife and son have taken over. I was set on buying a good Android device.

Most reviews led me to believe that I should go Galaxy or Xoom. This trip took 2 visits, one for me to cool off, LOL!

I first walked in and looked at 2 really nice Acer Android devices. I brought a sales guy over to reboot one of the devices since it was hung up. He immediately started in to, "See this is why I hate these Androids. You should really consider an iPad" I explained where I was at with my mindset and he just starts dumping on how terrible the Android system/devices are and that iPad owns the market. Thanks kid, I get that. I'm in sales, so this kids pitch was just making me want to punch him in the face. You sell what the customer wants. It's OK to beat up on the competition a little, but don't nuke it! I'm sure Samsung/Motorola wouldn't be impressed with your sell..... So, I ask the kid to show me the other Android devices and he starts in on the HP TouchPad, since I'm clearly not interested in the iPad 2. He can't even turn this device on to show me. Frustration settles in and out the door I go.

After 2 more store visits, I return to Best Buy determined to get what I want. I run in to a circle of 6 "sales guys" joking around and asked if anyone wanted to sell me a tablet. Mr. Clean Cut pops out and takes the invitation. He asks a few good questions and listens to me as to why I don't want an iPad. He immediately starts bagging on the Androids. "They're terrible, unreliable,....." blah, blah, blah. Once he sees that I'm physically irritated he walks me over to the Xoom and Galaxy displays. He can't turn the Xoom on. Their dead.....So he chimes in with "Well, the Galaxy Tab is faster and a better product". I told him just get me the box so I can go. At this point it took another 20 minutes while I articulated why I did not want an invisi-shield or a warranty.

Worst shopping experience in quite some time. I guess I'll be buying my accessories online for it now!

By the way, 3 days later and I LOVE this device!
Jun 29, 2011
I told my salesman I have an ipad and I'm leaving with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or nothing. He asked why, I filled him in on the 200 improvements ios5 would entail, how my Windows 6.1 phone is more powerful in real world usage, the apps I would be putting on it for my uses, how they compared to the Apple versions and don't multi task like I want. The guy started writing down some of the apps like dropbox, keeper, splashtop, Tapatalk and others. A couple days later after deciding to keep it I went back and got a cover.

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Jun 20, 2011
I had a different experience at Best Buy. I was the first one to buy a Tab from them and they just got them in the night before. They were actually still being sold in the cell phone area, as their display for the tablets had not been set up yet. The guys were very helpful and had no bias towards the IPad. They even gave me a bundle discount on the accessories that wasn't on the books at the time. I was pleasantly surprised.