GPad 10/11 v. Nupad v. Archos v. Nationite MIDnite


Sep 7, 2010
I have the NuPad (7" Android Tablet), purchased from PandaWill.
Overall the tablet is great compared to my previous Flytouch, much more responsive and
able to play video. (the flytouch just could not handle video).

There are two drawbacks to the NuPad, the first can be fixed with a ROM update
1. Running Android 2.1, NOT 2.2 as advertised.
This is not, and should not be a show stopper, as the device can (and has been promised)
to be upgraded to a 2.2 image.
2. micro-SD card sticks half-way out.
This, in my opinion is a serious design flaw. I've already had one micro-SD card break when
the device fell. (fortunately that was the only damage) I don't know why someone would design
a device with a micro-SD slot that is not fully recessed, but they did it on this one.
The best advice is to only insert the SD card when needed, the drawback to that is that they are
so small it would be easy to misplace or lose it.

Other than that, I really like the device. I've tried the HDMI out on both a 720p and 1080i television and both work great.

One minor nit is that the device has a resistive touch screen, if the SD card slot was fixed, and it had
a capacitive screen, it would be a killer pad.

Hope this helps!