HAD A Working WPDN W/CRUZ UI, Got New 8GB SDHC, No Longer Works!


Nov 19, 2010
I got myself a new 8GB SDHC Class 10 and was going to use it in place of the 1GB SD Card I had in my WPDN before, but when I tried to boot-up the PDN with the new card in, (I had formatted the new card first, to make sure it had not other firmware on it) it did the same thing I had seen it do before I got it working the first time: It boots up, then immediately goes into 'Power Off' mode. Then I tried to put the .zip file of the Cruz FW on it I had used before, and did the Vol+/Power-On start, and I did that twice, but both times I got the droid/! visual...
I would really LOVE to be able to have my expensive new SDHC work in my New WPDN! I would hate to think it's bricked now, just because I chose a larger sized SD card!