Haipad M701-R +HDMI +Remote


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Oct 10, 2010
Hi Im new in here.
I have a question 4 you gys..

I have my haipad m701-r on this jan, but when I try to play Video (.AVI) it doesn't show the pict on screen, just the sound... how can i fix it?

thnks b4...

Open "settings" and change the display output from "HDMI" to "none" and that should do the trick.


Feb 28, 2011
Haipad M701-R Apad HDMI Telechip Android Tablet + Google TV Remote Control-
This is new model with HDMI Port, which replaced USB port. This is having much more specifications tahn any.
Processor: Telechips TCC8902 high performance ARM 11
Main frequency 800MHz
Support hardware 3D drawing acceleration
RAM: 256M DDR2 high speed cache
Built in Storage: 4GB
Support Micro SD/TF card,max cap 32GB
Wifi: IEEE802.11b/g wireless network
Remote Control
I/O port:

USB Port
3.5mm headphone port
Audio: high quality stereo(max output 1.5W)
Build-in microphone
Headphone max output 40mW
Frequency range: 20Hz—20KHz
Signal-to-Noise: more than 90db
Display Screen Size: 7 inch
Resolution: WVGA 800*480
Operation: Multipoint Touch Screen
Operation system Version: Android 2.1
Video Format: 1080P high definition /MP4, AVI, XVID, H.263 ,H.264, RMVB,WMV,RM,MKV,3GP,ASF,VOB,PG,TS,TP, up to 1902*1080 full HD
Game: Support 3D games
Software: Support android system softwares
G-Sensor: Build-in G-Sensor
3G: Support USB 3G mold
Web cam: Build-in, 1.3 million pixel camera
Language: Support 16 common languages
Battery: Build-in, 3000mA/7.4V high cap rechargeable battery
Adapter: Build-out, DC/9V 1.5A
others: Dimension, 190.5 * 118.5 * 14.7mm
Colors: silver
Weight: 335g
Photo album function: Support JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG formats


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Jan 8, 2011
the 2.2 rom has never worked fully, and from the limited reports I have seen, the 2.3 is the same. It may be 'faster' but many features won't work, and it will crash often... :(
Dec 30, 2010
The 2.2 rom for me was quite stable but compared to the 2.3 version just come out as an example I was using the 2.2 locked and loaded pad as more of a doorstop and now 2.3 has breathed new life in to the pad and is now more usable especially for games graphics and films from usb disk or hard disk in fat I believe but mine was formatted ntfs. Mine hasn't crashed much in fact the only time it crashed for me was after I installed autokiller memory optimiser from market and after I applied the fix so that the phone app was not not consuming a majority of the power. Now it is ok but if I go into battery history in settings it crashes just at this stage. I will probably remove autokiller memory optimiser if it get any more problems. Maybe I hadn't set the settings for this app correctly and it shuts down the program I am in unexpectedly. I am sticking with 2.3 like it's style.


Aug 25, 2011
I am a new user to Haipad M701-R
I am still confused to use it
I want to ask is:

1. The first time buy, the signal indicator is a Sign (x), but now transformed into the image plane, as is in airplane mode, but not in turn airplane mode,

2. I want to use the modem to be able to connect to the Internet
but I can not use it, I do not know how the way the modem settings.

I beg all his help


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Oct 10, 2010
Others may have a better answer, but until then-

Hold the side rocker switch down until a menu popup appears that gives the options of "Power Off" and "Airplane Mode"

If it says "Airplane mode is ON" then touch that part of the box. It will light briefly and then go away. The airplane symbol should disappear.

Now go into "settings" and find "wireless and networks." You will need to have access to a wireless Internet signal for it to work. Find a signal, click on it to connect, and then you should see a "signal" icon where the plane was.


Mar 30, 2013
Hi I have a Haipad A13 android tab. I secured it with patterns so that it will be secured. My brothers doesn't know the pattern, that's why they keep on guessing and unfortunately it says that "Too many attempts!" it tells me to unlock it using my google account and misfortune brings it with me, my wifi radio is in airplane mode that's why I cannot connect to my google account because I have no internet connection and whenever I touch the box below to edit the airplane mode to wifi connection, I cannot press it due to the problem. Pls...Help me fix this. How?
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