Haipad M701-R- The "ANDROID" reboot mystery


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Oct 10, 2010
Occasionally my M701-R will freeze up and reboot directly to the "ANDROID" black screen without the Haipad startup screen.

Occurs most often when the Market is updating or installing an app or when gmail/Google is doing an account sync. Happens even when I've turned off sync. Can occur while using any application.

Device is rooted, cache cleared, and I usually kill running programs that aren't needed.

Any idea what causes this and what can be done to stop it?


Nov 8, 2010
My only guess would be that it runs out of ram when doing those tasks and crashes.

Most likely this is the cause...If you view Spare Parts and look at the uptime, the device never actually boots...it just reloads the launcher. My guess is the memory handling is very shoddy in that apps don't close like they should when you back out of them.

For example, on an Android phone (more specific to my post, an HTC running Sense), whenever you use the back button to return to the home screen, the app is automatically closed, whereas if you hit "home" the app will stay running in the background and take up space. This method isn't conducive to a good multitasking experience, but it is helpful for mobile devices with limited amounts of RAM. On the M701-R tablet, its almost as if unless you specifically choose "Exit" or on some games, the back button merely sleeps the process instead of closing it.

On the same note, it would be a relatively easy fix from a software standpoint I would think...all they would need to do is prioritize the launcher to remain locked in memory. You would still have apps force close after some time with them running, but at least the launcher wouldn't FC. They really need to iron out the memory handling issues in the Froyo update, otherwise the only way to circumvent this problem would be to set high killoff points in an app such as Auto Killer which would do everything behind the scenes and keep you from really "multitasking" which this device "really" isn't capable of doing without some memory handing overhauls....could be wrong, but that's my $0.02.....