Hands-On Video of the Toshiba Excite X10 Android Tablet at CES


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Jan 5, 2011

If the last hands-on preview of an Android tablet didn't excite you, then this next one just might. The new Toshiba Excite X10 got some hands-on treatment from the folks at TalkAndroid, and it looks pretty impressive. While this version of the tab was still running Honeycomb, Toshiba hinted that it will likely get Ice Cream Sandwich before it launches. The rest of the tablets features are fairly enticing:
  • 10.1-inch
  • World’s thinnest tablet at 7.7mm
  • One of the lightest at 1.1 lbs or 535 grams
  • Multiple port access - micro sd card slot, micro HDMI out and a micro usb sync port
  • TI OMAP 4430 dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU
  • 5 MP camera capable of capturing 1080p video
  • Either 16GB or 32GB storage.
The price is a little on the steep side, with $529 for the 16GB and $599 for the 32GB. Still, it is designed to be a premium product and will be marketed that way. Sound off if this is a tablet you are considering.

Source: TalkAndroid
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Jan 3, 2012
This looks like a great tablet. I LOVE the look of it. It's very light, very thin, and very practical with regards to size and weight. I love the back and side designs with that black strip down the side gives it a solid look. But thats where it stops. Here's why:

  1. We're looking at a dual core TI OMAP 4430 (dual-core). This is a very old chip (with regards to recent advances in technology, and TI coming out with newer OMAP chips). Right now, the technology allows tablets to have a extremely well designed quad-core (Tegra 3) or a powerful new dual-core (Snapdragon S4) and Toshiba decides to give us an OMAP 4430...Now, if the OMAP 4430 can stand up against Tegra 3 with regards to video and graphics performance, I'm all for it
  2. It starts off with 16GB -- storage is cheap, let's start off with 32GB
  3. $530 is alot of money. If you're going to have a tablet thats priced higher than the Apple IPAD 2, you should be a better performer than the IPAD 2 or atleast the Transformer Prime. Especially with the specs of the tablet. The price doesn't add up.

Granted the OMAP 4430 is a great chip. After all it does have the PowerVR SGX540, which is just a few notches below the IPAD 2 (PowerVR SGX542MP) and it does score higher than the Tegra 2, however, we have to take into account that the OMAP4430 chip has been used in android phones, where the resolution is significantly less than a 1080P (or even 1280x800) resolution. Thus we're asking a great chip like the 4430 to do a whole lot more with a much bigger resolution. We've seen Tegra 2 suffer with this in video playback and graphics power all together. We also wonder why the IPAD 2 does such a good job graphically, thats because maintaining a 1024 x 768 screensize is much easier than 1280x800 or 1080P screens.

Bottom line: Toshiba is behind techologically...big time, and it will hurt them