hannspad Cyanogen no Recovery menu access anymore ..help

Aug 27, 2011
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Let me know how it is please??
My Hannspad is coming tuesday and I need to flash something lol , its like a bug!
I recently bought a Hannspad which rooted and install Cyanogen mod7. I think this is a good room (I am a newbie) althought every thing seems to be ok I cannot access the recovery menu anymore.
When trying to power on with the + volume key press I get recovery mode detected but then goes to a black screen. I also tried to initiate the recovery mode within the Rom manager menu but it just boots as normal.
Can someone please advise how to get back to the recovery menu so I can try other roms... the current one seems to be more phone based as it has some phone menus.
Please help as this is driving me mad.
Thank you


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Mar 24, 2011
Welcome to the forum jorgee. I'm moving your question to the Android Tablet Q&A section of the forum where someone should be able to help you.