Happily Getting Library books on the Ideos S7!!


Jan 5, 2011
I am a newbie who just had to troubleshoot the s7 out of the box to get library ebooks and audio books on my device and thought I would pass this on.

Many libraries use the Overdrive application to allow members to read ebooks, get audiobooks, and borrow music. Overdrive just released an android application in December (OverDrive - Global distributor of digital eBooks, audiobooks, music & video for library, school & retail). It is a wonderful app that allows you to find and take out and read materials directly on your android device (no need to download to your computer first or do any kind of conversion). You can also place books on hold and you will be notified when they become available at the library.

Unfortunately it didn't work when I loaded it initially. I got errors when I tried to click on many options such as account log in. I downloaded Skyfire (Skyfire for Android | Skyfire) to see if it was a browser issue... now the application works like a charm!!

Happy reading!

Addendum: Overdrive supports Adobe EPUB formats and MP3 Audiobooks. Libraries use DRM EPUB and MP3 that allow you to use the materials for a certain amount of time (7 to 14 days).
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Sep 24, 2010
Great writeup and recommendation. Can you tell us what formats are supported?

henry II

Feb 3, 2011
I too have problems with ebooks, specifically google ebooks. I was unable to acquire google books or to get help for through the help panel for ebooks. I received the message: process (com.google.android.apps.books) has stopped unexpectedly. I installed Skyfire. Through the SkyDrive I accessed the Google Ebooks Website. I then downloaded a freebook "Rousseau's Confession" I was note able to download any books using the ebook app. After a few questions (eg for which device did I want the book) the book was installed in my Google eBookstore library. I was not able to do this with the ebook application.

The problems after installing the book:

With Skyfire I could get a page but not all of the page. For example I could get the graphic page xi but only a portion of the page. On other pages I could not get the full text. Further it was very hard to turn to the next page
With Ebooks I could not get the graphic page xi at all (it was not rendered) but I could easily get full text.

So my solution is get your google books via Skyfire onto the Google ebookstore and read them on the S7 using the ebook applications and go to Skyfire to view part of the graphics.

Please comment if you have a less work and more complete solution. Or if I have not explained this well. Or If I have done something apparently very stupid
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Dec 7, 2010
Great info in the OP. Our library recently went to overdrive as well and I could not get them to download on to the tablet, they would work on my DroidX. I installed Skyfire and presto I was downloading my checked out book in a matter of moments.