Has anybody subscribed to Nook Magazines - with rooted NC?


Mar 30, 2011
How is it. I'm sick of stacks of magazines build up - that I don't want to throw away - b/c of content - AND - I dont' want to keep - b/c they take up too much room.

Digital Magazine - sounds interesting...

How exactly does it work with a rooted Nook? Do I have the content on my device - forever - or is it stored @ Barnes & Noble - to access via cloud.

Anybody have some feedback - I'd appreciate the info. Some of the subs I'm looking at are more expensive than paper - but for convenience - may be worth it.



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Jan 6, 2011
There are no issues using a rooted Nook with magazines. Custom ROMs require you to download the B&N Android app but it works with magazines as well.

I have a subscription and you can try most out for a short period for free. I like it. I have the same subscription in print so i could compare and what you get is an identical electronic copy to what comes in print, page for page.

You can download each issue to the device for local use and they are also backed up in the cloud so that you can login from any device with the B&N app and access your magazines from a PC, phone, iPad, whatever.

Go for the free trial and I think you'll be happy.



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Nov 4, 2010
You can also try out zinio got some free mags you cancheck out

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