hdmi video usb sound

Jan 3, 2013
I recently discovered that my fathers home theatre system doesn't support HDMI sound, so when I hook my android tablet to the thing I get 200 glorious inches of HD video, but no sound. There are a few solutions to this problem, none of them "cheap". I was wondering if USB sound would work when HDMI is plugged in. See I'm a bit of an audio nut and if this works, it will give me an excuse to buy a DAC/amp (basically a USB sound card designed to improve audio vs onboard sound). Also its a lot cheaper than a HDMI down converter, which degrades the signal

Edit: for the record I'm running android 4.1.1 on a PiPO S2 tablet. It supports USB-OTG and also has a full sized USB port. I don't know for certain a DAC will work, but everything else I've crammed in there has[/quote]

MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC this article mentions using USB sound in exactly my situation so my fingers are crossed. I'm kinda hoping someone can confirm it works before I drop the change on one though
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Oct 10, 2011
No one here seems to know but let me bump it again for you. In the year and a half I've had my Vizio I have never had anything plugged into the HDMI port but I do have a recording studio built into a spare bedroom so audio is not foreign to me. One possible work-around would be to try running a line from the tablet's headphone out to the home theater head tho I don't know if your Dad's unit will let you select HDMI with an alternate audio input.