Hello All


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Aug 30, 2010
I would like to make an order with the following specfication Android Tablet. Who can provide to me and It will be mass amount of an order.

Processor - 1GHz Cortex A8 processor
RAM - 128 MB or up
Flash - 32 GB / 64 GB
Wireless - WiFi b/g/n
OS - Android 2.2 or up
Touch Display - multi touch with HD TFTP screen 10" / 12"
Webcam - 1.3 migapixel webcam
Camera - 5 migapixel camera
SD card reader
GSM sim card slot
GPS support
battery life - 6 to 12 hours
metal frame

please contact to [email protected]


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Aug 6, 2010
Sorry, Unless someone contacts you via a PM, This is not a Marketplace like AliBaba or Vendor based Forums. This is more of a user and enthusiast support board.

Best of luck finding that unit though. It is likely to be offered in various flavors this week at the IFA 2010 show in Berlin