Hello All


Aug 6, 2010
Well I am a fairly recent convert to Android, having spent many years on Windows Mobile devices, (anyone remember when the Compaq iPaq first came out in colour?) and the Palm Pilot Personal before that. After the i*ad came out, I thought that's a neat idea, wouldn't it be so much better if there was one running on Android? Fast-forward a month or two and now I am here.

I currently use a Droid Incredible, and am looking a buying an Android Tablet. Don't get me wrong, I am not an Apple hater, in fact 1/4 of the reason I want to get a tablet is so my daughters will give me my MacBook Pro back! I hope to gain some information on the best tablet to buy and what I should be looking for. Hopefully I can share some of my experiences during and after my purchase for others as well.

That's all - long intro.


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Jun 30, 2010
well welcome to android and the forum and good choice on the Dinc, now for the tablet of choice it depends on how much youi want to spend and what you want it to do?