Hello everybody, exelent site, glad I found it!!!


Aug 28, 2010
I'm Ben fro Israel, howner of a Enso's - Zenpad 4 (or in is other name ZT-180 A105)
I'm a newbie in Android but a very expirienced computer person.

I've few questions and I be glad and thankfull for your kind help:

1) For some unknown reason I can't backup my ROM and of course can't perform recovery boot, I tried to flash clockwork recovery images but also don't work, where I can get a suitable recovery image to flash into my device?

2) I can't work with the ADB connection doesn't recognize the device, is there a way to fix it or maybe a similar type of connection interface suitable to this kind of devices?

3) Following the above paragraphs I want to flash my deives with a newer ROM version how can I do it and do you recommend some specific ROM versions?

4) Does someone succed to instal the Market application in this kind of device and how?

That's all for now, wishing everybody a wonderfull day and a enjoyable relationship with there's Tablets.


Ben :D


Staff member
Jul 9, 2010
From what I understand: Zenithink ZT180 does not have an Android recovery mode. ADB is performed via what probbiethe1 mentioned. 0818 seems to be the newest ROM. The Market is installable via a complicated hack.