Hello everyone I am Cleft5


Jun 10, 2011
Hi everyone, I recently found this site before I brought my Android Tablet device. I was thinking of getting a Kindle so I could read my books on the go. While I was researching Kindles I stumpled across Tablet PCs and that lead me to the Kyros 7015A. Looking at the price for the device and the price for a Kindle, I decided to get the android tablet figuring I could just get the Kindle app for the tablet and read my books that way. Which I have done now. Before I purchased the device I did a good bit of research into Android Tablets. So I knew beforehand that some of there devices have issues with the Android Marketplace not being there. Through the wonders of the internet and Youtube I found Phase3d video on device I was thinking of buying and he had a link to these very forums. So that's how I found this site and since then I have constantly browsed the site learning as much as I can. I must say, I love all of this new technology stuff that I am learning and its really great to know that there are so many knowledgeable people on this site. I got the Android Marketplace on my device, sort of had to figure out my own work around for it to work, I fixed the graphical issues thanks to the people here, and just so many other wonderful things. Anyhow, I really love these forums and the App for Androidtablets is sweet too.


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Sep 24, 2010
Glad we were able to help, and welcome to the forums!

Congratulations on your new tablet, and happy to have you here...



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Mar 30, 2011
Welcome. Thanks for joining us. Feel free to ask any question you need answered.