Hello Everyone!


Nov 25, 2011
Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

I am a newbie wanting to learn more about the Android OS. I purchased (2) Coby Kyros 7120s for my kids for Christmas and trying to learn more about "rooting" and ways to make these two tablets work for both of my kids.

Am trying to find the ultimate guide that I read about, is that the ultimate guide just for the Android OS or is there one for Coby Kyros tablets specifically?

Glad to be here, this is a great resource and I am enjoying my journey!



Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hello, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Coby tablets. I see from your other post you've already found the Coby section of the forum and that's the best place to get answers to all your questions about those tablets. I'm not familiar with the "Ultimate Guide" you're referring to, but there are several here at ATF. If you go to the search box in the upper left corner of any forum page You'll find several references to them. The Coby technical section would be where you'll find any information on "rooting". Have fun with those tablets!