Hello from Fort Willian, Scotland


Aug 22, 2010
Hi... I'm a android addict and my name is Gavin!

Step 1 complete!

Loving my HTC Desire phone and want to stick with android for future tech. My brother has just got an ipad and lets face it, the thing is super cool! I'm no apple hater, they are just not for me, I like being the only one with my desire while everyone has Iphones, I get to feel a quitely superior!

Really just joined here to keep an eye on things, I'm getting the impression it's too early for me to buy, I want to wait till I get a device that can give the ipad a run for it's money!

Cheers, G


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Aug 6, 2010
Welcome aboard, As the days get shorter in Fort William, you can discover what tablet fills your need. There are so many things happening in the Android Tablet world. It is hard to keep up. The Android tablets available now are poor cousins to what will be delivered soon. Look about, learn, discuss. The natives are friendly.


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Jun 30, 2010
welcome and keep your eye open for the samsung galaxy tablet i think it might be just what you want