Hello from Ireland


Feb 3, 2011
Hi all,

May aswell introduce myself.

Been a huge Android fan since I got my first android phone way back.

Since then Ive owned a few but I usually opt for the "underdog" devices and not the common ones that everyone owns.

Currently own a X10i as my everyday phone<<<underdog phone but these latest roms have made the device amazing.
Forever flashing roms onto it everytime theres a new version released--Nothing better than messing around with different roms.

First tablet was flytouch clone--painfully slow with only a 500mhz(I think)

Used a couple of Tipstirs roms on that and had it running fine until I decided to sell it for a speedier tablet.

So I bought a Ziio a few weeks back and loving everything about it.Would love to see someone customise it and would gladly help a developer in any way that I could.
It really needs full root and at least Frodo with flash support.
Im of the opinion that these could be an amazing device if the time and effort is put in to them by developers and or the manufacturer.

Anyhow thats all for now..I`ll be in the Creative forum just browsing and helping anyone out that I can.