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Aug 4, 2010

I am a blogger that runs TabletConnect, a new blog that focuses exclusively on Tablets/Slates (all OS' not just Android). We provide news, reviews & information on this segment.

I am more of a hardware person rather than software so I am not very familiar with Android. Therefore, I will be asking you experts for assistance although I am learning. In addition, I will be reviewing certain tablets/slates.

One item of assistance that I do need is what are some good benchmarking apps. I know there are a few on Google Market but am not sure which are good. I would like an app where I can benchmark (processor, memory, graphics, etc.) and at least provide a comparison among Android Tablets/Slates. It appears that Quadrant is a good one. I know I need to purchase the professional version since I plan to publish results.

If anyone wants to help me out with my site and be a consultant (unpaid, of course), PM me. Also feel free to contact me with any ideas for articles or questions.

Thanks to all and for your support!


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Jul 9, 2010
We could always use members like you.

Welcome to the forums.