Hello from TX


Sep 29, 2011
I came here looking for suggestions and options for a tablet for my wife and possibly one for myself.

We are older and all this tablet stuff is pretty new to us. I am one of those people who research and research and research and then I still can't figure out what I want, so I ask questions and still don't know for sure. I usually end up getting something I don't like afterwards and have to sell it for a loss and try again. (the normal proceedure for newbies).:rolleyes:

I will be posting somewhere in the forums with questions. I will look forward to answers from those of you who already know all this stuff and have already gone thru it yourselves.


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hello, welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member. For shopping advice and information on tablets in general, just click on this link to the Android Tablet Discussions section of the forum. When you get there, read the stickies at the top and then start a new thread to ask your questions. Someone there should be able to help out out. Good luck!