Apr 27, 2011
I'm new to the forums and a new Tablet user. I got my SE Xperia phone last November to replace both my phone and my Palm but decided I needed something bigger for my organiser. A 7" tablet is perfect as my work diary/appointment book/to do list/contact list. In my current workplace there is no wifi so no need to carry my notebook to meetings. I now have everything I need with me in one small device.

I was lucky, when I went to look at the various devices in person that JB Hifi had just reduced there Galaxy Tablets from $720 to $360 to buy outright without a contract. It made the decision very easy as the cobranded Optus and Telstra ones that are no where near as good were still selling for $200+ or free with a $59/month contract.

I moved my emergency phone sim into the tab so I can make calls if I need to and got my carrier to send the settings to the tablet with my phone sim in it so that I can swap the sims and use the phone's data plan if I'm away from wifi for any period of time and want to use the net.

I've also used the Galaxy tab for watching iview TV shows, playing games (I couldn't believe it when the Samsung site had a free version of Need for Speed available) and reading books and magazines and I have been very happy with it.

Hardest bit is keeping it away from the kids!