Help! Battery Dying on Tablet


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Jan 13, 2014
I have a question Hopefully you can answer it for me.
I have a 7 inch ONN Tablet and I think the battery is dying-While I'm using it it will get 75% or 50% or 30% and It will cut off-No warning Nothing, It just goes Black-I was told it was probably the battery, there's no company who'll fix it & I don't know how or have the skills to fix/replace it- I was also Told I could just buy an external battery and plug it into the micro usb-I looked on Amazon & found a few, one of the external batteries is like 3300 mAh(Whatever that means)my internal battery is only 2100 is it OK if I get 3300 would that be too much power or is it the voltage that needs to remain the same? Please Respond. Thank you

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Jun 16, 2012
There's a lot in your post to process. So...numbered list here we come.

1. Yes, your battery is dying. You'd have to replace it yourself, which isn't difficult - I did it myself with my Lenovo tablet.
2. An external battery will not necessarily resolve your issue. I've had my Nexus 6, which has the same issue as your tablet, cut out while plugged in to the charger.
3. mAh = milliAmp hours.
4. The mAh of the external battery has no bearing on the tablet itself. All the external battery does is transfer its charge to the internal battery, just as if you had plugged it into the wall.

I STRONGLY recommend replacing the battery as eventually the battery will get to the point that not even an external battery will power it. If the Onn tablets are anything like the Lenovo Tab 4 I have, the back is only snapped in place and should come right off, exposing the battery for easy replacement.