Help choosing a tablet...


Oct 10, 2012
I currently have a 7" Idolpad Plus and am happy with it but want something just a bit larger. I initially bought the Idolpad as an ebook reader but now realize just how much more it can do. I have been looking at 8" Chinese tablets. Mostly stuff with the Rockchip or Allwinner Cortex A8. That's what the Idolpad has and I'm ok w/ it's performance. While browsing, I came across the Ployer Momo8 IPS. The specs are pretty good. A dual core Cortex A9 at 1.6Ghz (RK3066), 1 gig of RAM DDR3, 16 gigs on board, 1024x786 cap. touch screen, Jellybean, Bluetooth 4.0..... It retails for 129.00 on the Ployer tablet web site. (25.00 shipping 3-5 days on DHL/UPS) It has not been released in the U.S. but is for sale on Amazon U.K.. It comes w/ Flash 11.0, HTML 5 & the Google Play market. The reviews are positive w/ the exception of some people having WiFi range issues. (it has a stamped aluminium back) I like the idea of the Cortex A9 chip. I like the 8" form factor. Has anyone had any experience, positive or negative, w/ any other 8" Chinese tablets w/ similar specs? Any suggestions on a similar tablet? Any to steer clear of? I don't mind spending up to 200.00 bucks but really don't want to drop another 350+ like I did for my son's ASUS TF300.