Help edit kernel to not check for headphones, so it always plays sound from speakers


Aug 28, 2011
Hi i droped my tablet phone from my desk one day, trying to do some opengl programming, and now it does not play sound only if i wiggle the headphone jack around. At first i was going to fix the hardware following the thread taking the S7 apart, i found some screws behind the buttons that where not torx, so i really couldnt use any of my screw drivers on them, now id rather try it this way since im going to give it to my son, since he enjoys using it for youtube and i got a eee pad transformer which i must say im pleased with, except i now need a phone, LOL

so anyone able to pin point me in the right direction?!

i really need this done and im hoping that its just a boolean check that needs to be changed.

ok then maybe that would not work, now that ive tried both toggleheadset2 and audio route swithcher and none of them worked maybe its a hardware switch, but i dont know jack about this, and if some one please would be so kind to show me how? id be forever in your debt!

thought id mention that alarm sounds and ringtones work, also the rooster sound, which makes me think the speakers are working, also downgraded to 21 trying to get toggleheadset2 to work. if i play a mp3 as ringtone it plays it, but it seems a bit lower when playing mp3s?????!!

ok, so i got no answer fair enough ^_^ Lets ask another question :p

so i managed to get custom roms on it, actually never gave it a go before for several reasons, but it was easy enough after getting flash_image into the system/bin/ but now im wondering what file would i have to edit, to make all the sounds on the tablet equal to speaker?! also im wondering if anyone knows why i loose my mac address when using custom roms? i regain it by installing a stock one.
anyways im using the the FroyoFusion_a2sd-JN-R2 right now.. i hope i dont come out rude, im very thankful for any help i can get!
and hope this might help someone else someday!

Hi, no replies ey, im sorry that i keep editing, and really i dont want to bother anyone, but for those that dont know, and have the mac address error, you need to install a stock froyo rom first.... and ive gotten nowhere as to fixing the sound, guess i will have to open it, pry it open maybe?
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