Help finding good match to Itouch gen 2 or 3.


Nov 29, 2010
I am trying to find an android 2.2 item that is a good match to the itouch. Needs to access android apps. This is for a 10 year old that we would like to get an equivalent item for $125 to $175. Mainly uses for facebook, texting, games, etc. Ideally would like about 4 to 5 inch screen, but 7 would do if necessary. Concerning the type of screen what real difference is there between a resistive or capacitive?

Also looking at the Hero MID 816 for my wife, but not sure if it will be available in time for Christmas and the lack of reviews is concerning in getting a new to market item. By looking at the specs versus price, seems too good to be true. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Jun 30, 2010
For the 10 year old check out archos 28 ARCHOS or archos 32 ARCHOS they also make a they make a 4.3 inch screen put it is a little more expensive. These devices dont have the android market on them but its not that big of a deal just more of an inconvenience.