Help me find a waterproof tablet with GPS


Oct 25, 2011
I want to use a 7 or 8 inch Android tablet with GPS as my navigator on my motorcycle. I would prefer one that was rated IPX54/IPX55 or better. It needs built-in GPS (the better the receiver the better), and Bluetooth. I would prefer something that new firmware will eventually surface for (e.g. Ice Cream Sandwich), so foreign tablets where the driver sources don't ever appear are lower rate.

I will be building these out preloaded with all the mapping software and maps (so a 16GB or so microSD would be nice) and necessary mounting/casing for weather protection and such) and reselling to motorcycle communities tired of the ridiculous prices (and dead-end maps) of motorcycle specific Garmins and TomToms.

As a last resort, I could also get by with a waterproof touch-through case like I've seen for the Nook Color

Tom T

Senior Member
Feb 18, 2011
I believe AT&T introduced an 8" Pantech(?) Water resistent device recently. Waterproof and resistent are different things I know, but a review said it was safe down to 5'. Should be ok for rain, environmental exposure. Something to look into anyway, $299 on contract, $429 without.

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