Help me to like a new tablet = having a hard time finding a use for it


Jan 3, 2013
Received the large Kindle as a gift. Used 1/4 of the battery life and was over it. I find it very frustrating to use the keyboard, uncomfortable to sit there and hold, definitely not the seamless, magical experience I was expecting. Was not a tablet fan before and didn't ask for it but it's not going back and I'm not going to give it to you :p. I do turn it on now and again and find it just so frustrating to swipe away like a cat on this non tactile piece of glass = everytime I turn it on and see the cartoonish swoopy desktop I just want to turn it off again. I have tried the dolphin browser and when you tap something nothing happens and then you tap it again just as it brings up the next page just as you are tapping and takes you to another page you didn't want to go to. Incredibly frustrated with it. Also seems to hang up a lot. Cant load flash on it. I feel awful for recieving such a nice gift from my grandma and not liking it as I would have been happier with a $15 gift card because I feel obligated to use it. Its hard to explain how awkward an expensive gift can make you feel. It's the large Kindle Fire I'm not a gamer or a bookworm but would just love to surf the net without getting so frustrated. Please help me to like it. Any suggestions will be welcome.



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Jan 6, 2011
Welcome Cali. Sorry to hear about your troubles. For just surfing the internet the Kindle Fire should be a pretty nice device. There isn't a lot you can do if you don't like a touch interface though, since it is a touch device. It sounds like you may also be having some performance issues in which case you should try rebooting. Generally speaking Dolphin Browser is a great browser and should give you a comparable experience to a desktop browser.

It sounds like you don't really want or have use for a tablet or reader. It is possible to connect a mouse and keyboard and use it as a mini PC for browsing the web if you prefer to not hold or touch the device. Admittedly though this runs entirely contrary to the type of device the Kindle Fire is. Maybe with further use you will get use to it. Sometimes though, if a gift isn't right you just need to return it, sell it or give it away instead of fighting it. I'm sure the intention wasn't to make you unhappy but if that is the end result the person who gave the gift would probably prefer you didn't use it in that case.