HELP!! My Pandigital Novel is Acting Very Wierd


Dec 31, 2011
Hi i installed the 4.0 GE firmware From this site -> and ive been having problems ever since. first off, it shuts itself off after being in sleep mode for more than 5 minutes. to turn it on i have to push the reset button. Also, I cant get the market working. when it says i have to "Download a free app quickly" i cant seem to do that because it displays no apps... :( i tried this method on a couple differant ROMS and still cant do it.. (BTW its the non- ugly hack) and last of all, the novel itself is slower than stock.... ): hopefully its just bugs in the 4.0 and im going to try the 3.01 today to see what happens.. if anyone has any suggestions for the market hack, that would be great!! (BTW, i tried the 2 google accout trick also and it didnt work either)

I cant also install the factory rom or anyy rom at all. i keep trying to flash it but it wont take any rom i give it.....

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Dec 27, 2011
Find the android market.apk in the app manager, clear the data/cache. Find InitialSetup.apk, launch it, fill out infos, dl something free, quick
and easy. Hope it works for you. You may also try setting the date back a day or w/e.

For your performance issues, run a simple cpuoverclock app, set to max.
My PDN9 likes to run at 144, I max it to 800. You can also lower speeds when it is sleeping (aka screen goes black)

Hope this helps.