Help needed in buying a new tablet, please read thank you!

Nov 21, 2010
Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for reading this thread.

I'm currently looking into a tablet mainly due to the fact of my medical condition. I have fibromyalgia and it causes severe pain in my hand when I type on a normal keyboard. One of the main reasons why I want a tablet because I find that typing on a touch screen is far less painful than a normal keyboard.

The following are my requirements

1) under 200
2) good support from the maker or at least a community. I do not care if its brand name or a chinese/asian company - I want to be able to know I can go online and get a handle on the product technically (I am tech savvy)
3) I would prefer a 10" to a 7" but really not sure if it makes a difference
4) Upgradable to 2.2 eventually at least
5) can add flash memory
6) use a bluetooth or usb keyboard on occasion

Thanks for your help


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Jun 30, 2010
you probably want one with a capacitive touch screen that way it will make it easier for you to type on it.
Nov 21, 2010
thanks :)

I have seen the BF ads and don't know if the ones that are for sale under 200 are good nor about any of the other sub-200. Yes, I have read threads on here and been a lurker for awhile but no one seems to talk about an onboard keyboard, good typing etc.
Nov 21, 2010
I see a lot of people viewing but no comments.

So far I am dismayed.

Honestly; android has been shown off as a very open OS, highly moddable, and would allow for cheaper tablets that would still be well put together. However while posting around also on other sites all I have been told is get the archos 101 which is something I cannot afford and also with the reviews I have read I don't get the feeling that archos is a very open hardware.

I see the BFads showing a wide range of tablets for cheaper but have yet to find any decent reviews.

As long as the hardware is solid, is there many differences between these tablets? Does anyone on here have any experience with sub-200 tablets that could tell me how they are and what I could expect?

I need it for word processing, doing email, playing some games, and useful productivity apps and has a capacitive touch screen for easier typing due to my medical condition. One that would survive toddlers and I wouldnt feel needs to be upgraded in a year would be a plus.



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Jul 9, 2010
People aren't replying because nothing fits your requirements. There is not a single piece of 'solid' hardware that fits your description. You shouldn't be dismayed. You can't expect to cheap out on anything and expect to get good returns.

1) The people making the tablets with good capacitive touchscreens will not just be selling for $200. This type of touchscreen is in very high demand, so it doesn't make sense not to demand a premium for it.
2) The only way to have good support is to have local support. Chinese manufacturers need extra time to resolve your issues. There is also the problem of language barriers.
3) 7" is recommended right now
4) That means you are looking at a major brand, because none of the minor brands will give you that
5) All tablets ship with expandable SD or micorSD, but for media only. You will either need to play with hacks or find a tablet with Android 2.2 to be able to move apps to the expansion memory
6) Bluetooth support is rare in lowend devices. USB hosting is not present in all devices. So far it's either or.

Anyways, the only tablet that fits your bill is probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Nov 21, 2010
thanks for answering :)

I'm currently looking at Archos but honestly not sure if I should spend, 400 on it when I could just save up to 500 for an iPad.

Rather go with an android just for the hacker in me but not sure at all.
Nov 21, 2010
yeah just saw that, but unsure if I want a 7". I plan on doing some primary typing into google docs with the tablet and not sure if the 7 inch would okay.


Sep 2, 2010
HSN has galaxy tab for $399 after mail in has ipad for $399.


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Nov 10, 2010
yeah just saw that, but unsure if I want a 7". I plan on doing some primary typing into google docs with the tablet and not sure if the 7 inch would okay.

i don't know if there are deals where you are but they are dropping the low end ipad to $400 at places like marshall's department store most likely a new version is coming out. have you considered with your problem is it more comfortable to use the two finger swipe(ipad) or do you mind pecking at the +/-(android) to enlarge the screen because on a 7" screen you will be doing that if you need to enlarge the text on some models.
Also, are there any special apps that you need you should probably goto your computer and check out the offerrings i'm finding shortcomings in the android offerring versus the apple apps
Nov 21, 2010
you guys are a wealth of info thanks.

Yes, apple has a lot more in terms of apps and use (I have an ipod touch) however my techie in me wants to be able to play around with an android as well as save some money.

In terms of HSN, you need to activate it with a 2 year plan for the rebate and I don't need a 2 year plan. I plan on using my tablet on wifi only since I am home most of the time.


Nov 8, 2010
The Huawei S7 is about the bang for the buck out there for a 7" device. It has a resistive screen but it is just as good as the capacitive on my Archos 5 IT. Also has bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and Unlocked GSM 3g. It is $299 which is much cheaper than the Galaxy even with a 2 year agreement.