help new to android tablets cannot dowload some apps

Apr 19, 2012
I could really do with some help.i am new to all this i have a superpad lll(3) i know its not a apple ipad,but can someone tell me if it is possible to change its name and how to do it.
when i try to download apps it tells me it cannot download as it says my country isnt allowed the app.when i clicked on natwest itv player husband bought it off ebay(stop s******ing i know!!)
It says my tablet is mercury china telecom,it seems to think i live in china and im not allowed to download certain apps it did angry birds firs time.
Is it possible to rename the tablet i live in the uk in yorkshire

Thank you


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi, congratulations on your new tablet and welcome to the forum. I'm moving your thread to the Gome Flytouch II Variant 2 section for you, to see if the folks there can help you out. Good luck!


May 4, 2012
Hi, I cant actually help but I have the same problem, have you managed to solve the issue? I cant seem to use google maps or street view, or any sky services because the dam thing thinks I am in China.

I really regret buying this


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Jan 14, 2012
Every tablet I have purchased when I first turned it on asked what country I was in, then it went through a setup process where I selected time zone, keyboard, etc.
I have never used Android 4.0 yet so it may be different.
What version of Android does your tablet run? Maybe if we know that we can figure out the rest.
Also is your gps turned on. If not, try turning it on in settings. Not the gps app but the function.
Maybe of it is on the tablet will see that it is not in china and auto correct itself.


Jul 16, 2011
As far as the market is concerned... use the apps management is SETTINGS to wipe out the current data in the market app, THEN restart it and do whatever setup it asks for...

Have you set up your timezone, etc yet? They ALWAYS start out in the china timezone... When you 'factory reset' it will go BACK to china.

As to the location/gps, there are SOOOOO MMMAAANNNNYYY threads about this... You MUST enable the GPS and give it enough time to lock into AT LEAST 4 satellites... THEN it will change the location on the MAPS, etc so you dont live in China.

Try these things... they should help.


Jun 2, 2012
Alot of the problems you'll find is that even if you set your tablet to uk it may still not show all apps cos it wont be on googles compatibility list.
The way to get round this is to "side load" the apps.
This just means finding the .apk and downloading it, then install it.

For instance, search google from the browser for "youtupe.apk", (dont use the quote marks),
download it then tap on the .apk and it will install

Hope this helps

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May 4, 2012
Thankyou for the helpful sugestions - I was almost throwing it in the bin thinking it was a stupid thing to do to buy from China - I will have a play today and see what I can achieve...........I may be back !!


May 31, 2012
to gain full market apps paid and free you need to root your tablet and alter the build.prop and framework.jar files.