help on basics needed


Dec 23, 2010
how do you copy and paste, I saw something that said "copied to clipboard" but I have no user guide to explain "How to".
I am trying to set up tablet for my wife, email, home page, favorites etc but typing same *@#$ over and over is driving me nuts.
I know i have the right password, account, but tried 3 mail apps, still cant connect.

What is rooting and why would i want to do it?
What do people without access to a computer (my wife) do to get up and running with one of these?

I am an old windows ibm'er, new to android


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Jun 30, 2010
To copy paste you just long press in the text box and people with out a computer use the tablet. The easiest way to answer what is root for a windows user is its like giving you administrative rights on the tablet

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Dec 10, 2010
Rooting basically allows complete access to the device. Like probbie said "rooting" is like "administration rights" when comparing to Windows. Android devices are slightly locked down by stock- meaning some files and directories are inaccessible as well as certain device features and options. The reason the device is locked down like this is to prevent more casual and less advanced users from ruining or bricking the device by changing and altering important OS files and such.

It also allows developers like Coby, to ship related devices with a minute selection of software. A great example is the Kyros shipping with limited apps such as the AppsLib market (thus subsequently locking you out of Market access because it is not installed on stock firmware).


Apr 14, 2012
you guys seem to understand the best from the searches ive done. i understand that long press SHOULD bring up my menu to paste, but it is not working. i use yahoo, and what a pain!

is there any way to manually get the menu?