HELP Please, I need a solution!!


Jan 5, 2013
Newbie at Android Tablets, and at rooting, flashing etc. Well am not really new to this, i have flashed and root and play around with roms with my android phones, but all my knowledge comes for Google or Yoututbe. Anyways I encounter a problem yesterday. A friend of mine ask me if I could put songs and make his ebook reader look cool. I knew i could possible play more with it and install a new rom to make it more like a tablet. But I failed at doing so. The device is a Ematic Eglide Reader 2.2 (ebook reader) i will be posting a picture with more of the information from theitr. SO this is the problem I tried putting a rom, I found this and went along with the instructions from the file Eglide Rooted Rom By Finless - after i downloaded it. Now the ebook reader wont boot, (it won't even turn on.) I think I bricked it, but I hope there's a solution. I will really appreciate any help.


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