Help required and very much appreciated


Dec 12, 2010
Hi fellow android users.

I am not a gadget or techno minded person....however I would appreciate any advise or suggestions anyone can give me regarding buying an android 2.2 tablet!! Which one is the best out there? We are based in the UK. The tablet would mostly be used for surfing the net, games and reading books. This is a last minute xmas wish list demand and I have read so much stuff on android tablets that I have totally confused myself even more about them. I almost ended up just buying an IPad but stopped myself as I might not know much but I know the androids are much better. Or are they?

Thanks in advance everyone. xx


Dec 12, 2010
Well i'm not much of a tech with tablets (yet) but what i have seen so far is that Ipad is still one of the best tablet out there and if your looking to just surf the internet and play games it would be a great choice but the thing with the Ipad is that there is no upgradeable memory (you get what you payed for) and by the time of next years first Quarter it will be Apples old news and they wont look back . Androids will have a great community with updates and increasingly more support through the years and they wont leave a hole in your pocket , but if your willing to spend alot of cash and don't want the Ipad i would go for the Galaxy-tab . But if you want a good Tablet and aren't serious about it i would sujest buying a Huawei S7 or a Archos 70 there both about 250Pounds and there great machines they both have there pros and cons but in honestly if you only care about web surfing , games and books they wont break the bank and they will keep you entertained for months :D merry christmas . hope i gave you some insight.