Help us make a SuperPAD (Flytouch 2) Registration edit


Jan 4, 2011
There are a lot of folks that have upgraded from Wowpad Firmware: deb-r2.1.1170 on their Flytouch 2 android tablets and now cannot get their original Registration Code to re-install. Requests for support from the Chinese manufatures and sellers have for the most part fallon on deaf ears, I hope someone on this forum can help.

Since the install of the z4Root app allows access to the system level, can access thru the androide system solve this problem? I simply do not currently have the knowledge to know where to look to make the approiate edit.


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Apr 29, 2011
It can depending on if you have the correct file viewer and if you know where to look. I'm thinking that there is a way to get it from one device and put it on another but I'm not sure.


Jan 19, 2011
For information you can view the registration number in the system, About screen, I just did a screen grab to my sd card so I have it stored.

The registration number would seem to be linked with the system update app, as I disabled system update and then the pad started asking me for my registration number again, I re-enabled the system update and all was well again.

So it may be that someone can start looking at system update apk to work round the registration number