Help with cube u9gt2 charging issue


May 29, 2012
My friend kindly bought me back a cube u9gt2 from Hong Kong. He charged, tested and rooted it out there for me. When he gave it to me it wouldn't turn on, thought nothing of it as it had been over a week since he last checked it. When we plugged it in it switched on and worked however every time I unplug it it stops working and goes blank. When I re plug it in it boots up again. I bought a new charger as forums suggested it might be a problem with the charger, plus when the original charger was knocked it did the same. I recieved the new charger today, plugged it in, charged it to 100%, shut it down completely unplugged it and then tried to turn it on, nothing! When I plugged it in again and turned it on it showed 1% charge!

My question is, is this a hardware problem or can I fix it another way, ie firmware?

Thank you in advance and for reading the whole post.