Help with DC in level


Oct 7, 2011
Hi All

Recently bought a cuple of tablets off ebay (diff sellers) cheap as the touch screen were cracked. One is a binatone homesurf7 and the other a clone flytouch from what I can tell.

Homesurf7 came with everying thing, flytouch came with nothing. The seller seems to be jerking me round promising to send the power adaptor out but no sign after a month :(

So having got the first replacment touch screen, the plan was to put it in the homesurf but looks like binatone use a non-standard layout so will have to make up a exention lead. The flytouch on the other hand uses the exact same screen, so in it went (expecting the power to turn up).

Details of the tablet - looks like a flytouch with the oval speaker grills,
has a WM8505 cpu,
no writing on the back of case,
has a camera,
black headphone jack,
uses the bigger 30-pin adaptor,
2gb internal rom (via a USB stick hardwired in),
2 batteries,
box is plain white with a picture of tablet on and the word MID

From what I can tell is that these generaly use 9v DC in, so my question is do they all use 9v or are there some 5v models?

Thanks for the help in advance.