Help with dvd's/movies


Nov 13, 2011
Hi all, have had my tablet just over two weeks can anyone help me please.

I wish to watch pre brought dvds on my tablet and have purchased a usb run dvd player for this purpose, but my tablet seems not to be picking up the device, I have adobe reader and also Meridian but it's still not playing, when plugged into usb it starts spinning but that's it can someone help me please, or is my worst fear going to happen and I will have to download my dvd movies onto flash drives or sd cards and use that way.


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hi Florantina, congratulations on your new tablet and welcome to the forum. Nice of you to join us here at Android Tablets. I have a feeling your worst fear is going to happen, but to be sure I'm moving your post to the Android Tablet Q&A so that more people will see it and try to help you. Good luck!


Aug 18, 2011
as far as i know, tablets can't be connected to an external drive, the best way to watch DVD movies on tablets is ripping and converting your DVD movies for your tablet. so DVD ripping software is needed, i recommend you Foxreal DVD Ripper, it can rip and convert DVD discs, DVD iso or ifo image files to any other video formats, moreover, there are many special presets for different devices to make the operation much easier, worth a try!:)