Help With Insignia NS-14T004


Junior Member
Jul 20, 2015
So when i boot it up the insigna logo comes up then the screen blacks out and well nothing its not off the power is on you can tell its a black screen but its lit up.

now some history on this thing, i got it form a friend he said he had it for a year then it stopped working its very likely he dropped it and gave it brain damage which is why its doing this he said if i can fix it i can have it. i have looked around on this website and have tried this

1.holding the power button and volume keys recovery mode
3.the android guy with a red mark above his head comes up
4.hold volume buttons and power to reset it. now i have no idea if part 4 is working because when i hold the power and volume buttons the tablet just turns off and i boot it back up and it does the same thing shows insigna brand logo then screen turns black.(unless i hold the power buttion and volume keys to go to recovery reset mode)

what i would like to know is there some kind of way to fix this or is it just a lost cause and i should give up.