Help with MID 706 7" google android tab PC


Sep 15, 2011
Hello everyone,

I was looking online for android tablets and came up with this one. i recently bought a MID 706 7" google android tablet PC which seems to be made in China. I'm having a few problems with it and would appreciate any help you guys can throw in...

- the pre-loaded youtube app won't work (once opened everytime you search for any video it says no results found)
- in the pre-loaded calendar there's no way i can start using it, every time I try to add an event it says: NO CALENDARS... and I can't find anywhere how to create a new calendar to be able to use this app.
- in the "android market" no matter what you search for only chinese apps would come up, im guessing it's not linked to US android market.

I have had a few more problems which i cant remember right now, but anyway any tip or comment that you can help me with, will be appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance, god bless.


Sep 18, 2011
Hi, I noticed that Mid m706 is not compatible with Android Market. Apps can be downloaded from:,,, . Also, regarding the YouTube issue. I suggest (Freedi You Tube downloader) it is available in the Amazon app store for free. I've had no problems downloading apps from Amazon or Freewarelovers. I was not successful in downloading apps from the other sites. Hope this helps. I just recieved my MID M706 3 days ago and have it running just right. Knock on wood!!!

I would like to update 2 Android devices from froyo 2.2 to 2.3 Gingerbread. I have a Samsung Galaxy Indulge m910 Metropcs phone and the above mentioned Mid M706 Etablet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week everyone....:cool:


Sep 19, 2011
The google 7" android it's not such a good item. I purchased one also from China paid $72.00 it died in two days, returned it to China costs me $17.00 shipping , then I ordered also from Honk Kong 10" this one was dead on arrival , returned it to seller .. he claims never received package, called me liar and all kind of abusive words. My advise to you stay away from China or Hong Kong. Try to buy only from American seller.. Yes might costs you few $$ more but you will have peace of mind.
I have question may be you can help me out or any one who reads your post. I have now google android 2.2 tablet 8" have in it MP3, I can click on any song title or singer and can listen to this song. Is there any way that I can listen to more than one song without clicking individually on each song?? With my iphone could be done by clicking on shuffle , then I can listen to multiple songs without clicking on each and every song individually. Any one can help to give me some advise will be greatly appriciated.


Oct 12, 2011
Just received the MID Tablet (706S) yesterday, loaded a 16GB microSD card, and got it up and running and connected to three wi-fi spots without a problem. Actually, like it very much. However...

1- Netflix is not uploading a movie. Do I need a 32GB (the max) card ?

2- Noticed a bubbling on the face of the screen in several places. After removing the plastic screen page, it seems to be getting bigger bubbles. Have there been any reports of this problem ?