Help with "Unfortunately, the process .google.process.gapps has stopped"


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Mar 13, 2013
Please forgive me if this thread is a repeat, I saw some of the same title but not the same problem that I'm having.
I have a Samsung Grand Prime. I was about to unlock my phone when i saw a notification saying that the backup was not set, I thought that was rather strange, so i unlocked the phone then started seeing these popups of "unfortunately the process has stopped". I would tap on Ok, but it would just come back.

Somewhere in that whole thing I saw a Samsung Galaxy Welcome screen asking me to set the language, it then loaded a screen showing WiFi connections available, the next screen is the end user licence agreement and options to select whether I agree to share my Error Log with Samsung or not, then I get a pop up that says Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped". If I tap Ok, it goes away then comes back. When I'm able to make a selection, it doesn't matter if I choose to share or or not, the next screen says "Checking Connection" and "This can take a while", then the "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" pops up, it doesn't move past this point, even though I'm connected. The "Skip" button on the bottom right is grayed out so the only option is to go back, which takes me back to the previous page.

If i press the home button, not happens, I can't get access to any apps. If I get a call I can answer it after I get rid f the popup, then it's back to square one.

Please help