Jan 28, 2012
How can i get Android market & amazon market to recognize my cydle m7 as a tablet & not a mobile phone
so that i can purchase & download apps? They keep saying i don't have a mobile phone connected to my account
Sign in with a different account ....... can someone explain how to correct this please, i'm getting very frustrated
:( ......Thank You


Create a Google account using your PC, then try this:

With acknowLedgements to squidge

Navigate to the "Market" by going to the app menu icon on the bottom right of the screen. The Market app appears as a shopping bag with the android logo on it.

1. Open the Market app and press the home button in the upper left corner of the screen to return to homepage.

2. Go to "Settings/Applications/Manage/Running

3. Press Market

4. Press "Clear Cache" (do not press clear data)

5. Press Force Stop

6. Return to Settings/Applications/Manage/Running

7. Press "Google Services Framework"

8. Press "Clear Data"

9. Press "Force Stop"

10.Go back to home screen and press the Market app to Start Google Market, and you will get an error message.

11.Shut off and turn the tablet back on. Once back in, the market should work. If you get an error message at this point, just wait a little longer and try again.

12.Everything should work at this point.

Edit: You may have to use your PC to initiate any downloads, but if your Tablet has "Taken" any downloads will be redirected to the tablet.
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