Herotab help


Oct 21, 2012
Hi guys, so I purchased my Herotab in thailand.
Since it didn't come with a manual I would like to get some help with regards to using the tablet, Getting started, do's and dont's and so forth.
I connected the tablet to my Mac and tried to get music some music on the device. But when trying to play the actual song it gave me a message indicating unable to play song. This song is in an mp3 format so it's kinda weird as to how the tablet does not recognize it. Any advice on that?

Here are the following details on my Herotab
Device: crane-a721
Model: MID
Android version 4.0.4
Kernel Version: weidi@brn-weidi #56
Build number: 20120920-LY-F1.1.0.3

Any help would be appreciated.