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Aug 13, 2011
So this was a weird route here..!

I had been planning to get an iPad, but my missus put her foot down. In an unconnected development, I was playing round with a bit of coding, and found that my Mac will run the SDK for Android, which it won't for iOS.

On digging round, I realised that the world seems to be stuffed full of cheap 10" Android tablets. I'm not under any illusions - I don't think that I'm looking at getting an iPad equivalent for £75 GBP, but I do think I can get a serviceable 2.2 tablet that I can check my mail on, and run my key apps - Kindle and Springpad.

So - I'm hanging around, doing a little research, and picking up some tips. Any ideas gratefully received! No doubt, when my budget allows, I'll be way too attached to Android to move away from the system, and will be looking for a honeycomb-ed tab by Xmas :)

Nice to meet you all!
Jun 29, 2011
Welcome to the forum from a former ipad user

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Mar 24, 2011
Welcome to the forum reptile_smile (And they really do smile.). Nice to meet you too. I think you'll find that not being able to get an iPad was probably a good thing, these things are more fun!
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