Hi! need help TM MID780


Jun 24, 2012
hi every one. i`ve recently bought TM MID780. hear are full specs
Model: TM MID780
Manufacturer: Unknown
Device: Rk29sdk
Product: Rk29sdk
Brand: Android
Firmware: 4.0.3
API Level: 15
Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
System RAM: 277 MB

Size: 800x444
Logical Density: 0.75
Font Scaling Factor: 0.75
Pixels Per Inch X: 108.085106
Pixels Per Inch Y: 82.37838

[FONT=arial, sans-serif]it came with ics on-board, but i`m not satisfied with it. i would like to downgrade it to 2.3. as im noob in android i can`t understand where to start. android s very segmented, i`ve read many posts in this forum and many in other forums and can`t get the idea. im thinking to flash with [/FONT]U9 GT as it described here. but my screen resolution differs. now i stuck. its difficult to find similar device to mine with gingerbread on-board . so pleas help me to find any solution to my problem.
thank you :)