How can I download a document from the Internet?


Aug 20, 2012
I have a sales presentation that I'm trying to download from our company site to my tablet, but can't figure out how.

I go to the webpage where it's at, but if I click on it nothing happens. If I double-click, the screen zooms. If I right click, it goes to the previous page, and if I "long" click it, a menu pops up asking if I want to save/view image or set as wallpaper. But nothing about opening or downloading the document.



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Jan 6, 2011
The long press save option is the same as downloading. Then you need to use a file explorer such as Astro to find the file (probably in the default downloads area and if not then in the downloads area specific to the browser you are using). Once you find the file and touch it, you will get a menu asking what app you want to open it with assuming you have an app that can open that file type (pdf, mp3, doc) for whatever you are trying to download.

Since you are saying it is a presentation, it is probably some sort of video or power point. If it is a video you need to have a media player that can play the movie type. If it is a power point you will need and app such as documents to go which can open power point files.