how can i get Elonex 700Et To 2.1?


Feb 6, 2011
Hello i brought an elonex 700et just before christmas and do not like android 1.6 is there anyway of upgrading it to android 2.1?

also there is no market on the device there is only app market which is rubbish is there any chance of getting market on it ?

Thanks In Advance


Sep 21, 2010
YES you can get market and some improvements.

Im away for a few days but i fount a rom that works very well with market!

Just what rom do u have at moment?
when it boot what numbers are shown in bottom right corner?
I will post back here when im back with link to the rom :)

But your stuck with 1.6 as only a 300MHz CPU inside :(
so still no flash support.


Nov 9, 2012
As far as i know anyone with the eTouch Elonex 700ET has been crying out for a better version of Android for ages. The 1.6 is pointless now nothing works with it anymore. Come on guys pull your finger out this tablet is out of date unless you update the Android to a newer version.The one i got for my son was obsolete before i got it out of the box. The Android Market doesnt work anymore and needed un-installing (keep getting a "no connection to the internet" or something simular error message. Then i have to download the app thats they recommend now which is SlideMe Market you can download this from Elonex :: Support it tells you how to un-install the Android Market app and install the new SlideME market. Their is also an update for the Youtube app but not sure what this does as even after i installed it the app still didnt work.