How can I roll back a ROM


Jul 10, 2013
I ordered a cheap tablet via Aliexpress, which has an ATM7013 processor and Q8 ROM. When I got it, the HDMI interface and some apps weren't working and I was advised to upgrade the ROM using this link. After what appeared to be a successful upgrade, the touch screen is no longer working alhough I can attach a mouse and navigate the system with that. I tried the following ROMs, but no luck. In fact, it seems like its stuck on the ROM that I initially upgraded it to; e.g. the opening and logon screen continue to look exactly the same. I searched the Internet and there are a number of threads and Youtube videos of people with the same problem. Some have luck with upgrading or rolling back the ROM, others not.

Are there other ROMs that I can try, or another way to apply it?

Specs of the tablet:

7 inch android 4.0 ATM7013 1.0G 512MB 4GB 1080P WIFI Camera Capacitive Q88 upgrade HDMI tablet pc
CPU = Cotrex-A8 1Ghz-1.5Ghz 9 (according to manual)
ROM = Nand Flash (according to manual)
Following information I got from the device information but may reflect the ROM that I updated to?
Model number = gs701b
Android version = 4.0.3
Kernel version = 3.0.8 actions@actions-HP-Compaq-Pro-6300-MT #5 B
uild number = eng.actions.20121220.213129.wineluo

Method used for upgrading the ROM
1.use a empty TF card,copy the program UPGRADE_FAST.FW to tf card.
2.put tf card in tablet pc,Plug in the power
3.Long press the "volume +" key,at the same time,press power key,wait tablet pc power on.
4. tablet pc after boot LOGO,shows:
1) erase user data partition
2) enter adfu
3) upgrade firmware from sd card
4) exit menu "volume +" key choose 3.
6.Press the power button to confirm.
7.tablet pc asks if you want to upgrade sound button to proceed to the next step
9.upgrade straight into "upgrading ......" upgrade about 3 minutes
10.after the completion of the upgrade, the machine starts automatically, exit TF card waiting for a complete boot

Links relating to the same problem
(Youtube video + instructions)
Touch Screen Not Working-GS701B Tablet (With ATM7013 Chip/CPU ) (This site)
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Sep 2, 2013
Hi! Please help me!! Im sorry but I don't understand how copy UPGRADE_FAST.FW to tf card. where this file and how copy on sd card? Please help.Thank you!!!