How do I add a contact to just the tablet, for use with a single POP email account?


Aug 19, 2011
I have an Acer Iconia tablet and an Android phone. My Iconia has 3 email accounts; a POP account, a business (exchange) account, and a Gmail account.

I want to copy the contact list from my phone to my tablet, so that the email addresses within it are available when sending emails from the POP account on the tablet. I DO NOT want to associate the contacts with neither the business nor the Gmail accounts. I DO NOT want the contacts to sync anywhere. I just want them locally on the tablet, for use with just the POP email account. Just like they are on the phone.

There does not seem to be any way to do this in ICS. If I try to import the contacts, or even enter them manually, the tablet insists that I associate them with either the Gmail or Exchange accounts. I don't want to clutter up either one of those, I want to use them only with the POP account.

The POP account shows up under Accounts and sync in the settings, as does an account called simply Iconia Tab, but those are not given as options when entering a contact. I'm not sure what the Iconia Tab account is even for.

Am I fighting a bug in ICS, or is Google just not going to let me have private, device-only contacts?