How do i factory reset my MID-756 Android tablet?


Junior Member
Dec 29, 2014
I bought this 7 inch tablet for my son for Christmas and he done the pattern password wrong too many times and has locked it up. He didn't even get to play on it for a whole day. It asks for my Google email and password and it won't take it. I even changed my password and tried it on the 10 inch tablet and it let me log in on my Google account. So if anyone has any ways of resetting this tablet, I would really appreciate it. I tried turning it off and then turning back on and i tried all of the other reset options for the other tablets, but none worked, etc. examples are holding the power button and the up and down volume at the same time, holding the power on button and then holding the volume. None of these worked and this tablet does not have a silver button next to the screen. Please help.