how do i root my jazz ultratab c725 7 and install and back up the rom


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Apr 7, 2014
i want to know how to root my jazz ultratab c725 cus it's bugging me that ya couldn't fully get jelly bean on there i found a rom that was made for this tablet that puts android 4.2 on there

jinxlinx (He just posted that) or 6 months ago posted that. See because satcommranger and fsbently couldn't direct me to that work and we sorta worked through it to get Functionality on the c725, did he just back date it or what ? Thanx tox I mean henrie1.

Really random I compile the package then a week later it pops out finished work predated.

Can you direct me to the forum or page were tox posted this work originally. Not that I question tox if he did he did. But all of a sudden an Electronic Engineer makes 7 post and gets my edited copy of firmware then it magically appears predated but " just posted ". Would all fall into a big puzzle if you were in tox pocket or tox wtf is he doing with a 1000mhz 69$ piece of junk from OD.

But in all honesty I guess that's why I was involved in this thread so its a big step for us all ty for sharing.

HMMMMmmmmm......"Well I got lucky! Thank you for your help. What happened was that Toxicro who originally made the FaaastJB ROM happened to own a Ultratab Jazz C725 and he just posted his ROM for the C725. I download and install it using LiveSuit. Now everything works. Thank you again for your support. This is the link"

all so i want to be able to back up the old rom just in case something gose wrong im kind of new at doing this stuff

Model C725
os android 4.0.4
baseband version 1.5
kernel verson 3.0.8+
Build number 20130517 version 6
cpu All winner A13 1.2GHz